A special non-toxic dye (photosensitiser) makes the microorganisms become sensitive to light at a certain wavelength and die off within a short space of time. When the photosensitiser, PACT Fungal Nail Gel is exposed to a specific wavelength of light (630nM) delivered by PactMED LED,
it becomes activated from a ‘ground’ to an ‘excited’ state. As it returns to the ground state, it releases energy, which is transferred to oxygen to generate reactive oxygen species (ROS) that induce fungal cell death without affecting surrounding tissue whose cells are impenetrable by the photosensitiser.
But why do you need a special light? Although the microorganisms are sensitive, you would have to expose them to light for hours before they die.
However, with a special high-power LED, it is possible to increase the intensity by 100 times without generating excessive heat. Therefore, only the part of the light that matches the dye, helps to kill off the fungus selectively.
Stimulation is performed using the specially developed PACT® MED device that exactly matches the light intensity, wavelength and light treatment time with the dye gel in order to be effective.